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ABOUT Ayvalik


        On the Aegean coast north of Izmir, Ayvalık is surrounded by countryside carpeted with olive-groves. Famous for olive oil and soap, the town had a large Greek population until 1923 and their memory lives on in the atmospheric old quarter with its impressive civic architecture and churches, which now function as mosques. Built by Greek merchants and businessmen at the turn of the last century, some of the grand stone town houses have been renovated in the last 15 years, although many more stand in various stages of disrepair. Across the bay from the town, and reached by a narrow causeway or small ferry, is the island of Alibey, where there are more Otoman Greek houses and some excellent fish restaurants. There is a beach at the small resort of Sarımsaklı, 5 km South of Ayvalık town, while in the town centre restaurants overlook the water and there is a busy high-street of shops. A yacht marina has been built on the edge of the town and there is a ferry service to the Greek island of Lesbons in the summer.
         The Greek houses of the old town and Alibey make excellent renovation projects. All are now protected by strict planning controls. However, many are in an advanced state of decay and virtually need rebuilding. Bare in mind that Access to some of the houses is difficult as many of the cobbled streets in the old town are too narrow for modern vehicles. Instead, building materials are delivered, and builders rubbish taken away, by horse-drawn carts.
          There are cooperatives and some new villa developments on the island of Alibey, as well as in the suburb of Çamlık and Sarımsaklı. Many of the houses on the cooperative developments are poor quality and would never renovating. Prices start from about £ 30,000 for a small villa on an established cooperative. Except to pay upwards of £ 65,000 for a newer, cheap replica watches uk higher quality villa, with some sea front houses on Alibey fetching over £ 100,000.
         Prices for the old Greek houses in the town center and on Alibey vary hugely depending on the condition of the building and its location. A typical price for a large four-bedroom house in need of extensive renovation, but no major structural work, is £ 70,000. make sure you get a builder and an architect to examine the building carefully and give you an estimate for the conversion costs before buying.
         Off-the-beaten-track for European tourists, the potential for holiday lets is currently poor. The area is, however, popular with domestic tourists from Istanbul and elsewhere.
            Ayvalık is a wonderful town where you can meet the undiscovered beauties by the sea divers. This town is composed of 24 small islands and you can see the integration of the nature and the sea in a beautiful way.
            It has a clean sea like an aquarium and 60 diving regions with coral and reef. The divers in every level can take advantage of Ayvalık that’s because it has different structure and deep reef, current and night diving places.
            The diver companies has the first personal diving trough that ean protect divers from every air condition for 12 months. By the help of this trough , divers have the oppotunity to dive freely.

            In 4 days, by making diving with 5 tubes and completing the theoric lessons that are not only known around the world but also in the qualified diving education standarts, you can get the certificate and deep water diving diploma. The participation age must be the least 14.
            This is an activity prepared for the people who haven’t tried diving with tubes. The is good, It doesn’t determine any experience. This is a 30 minutes under water diving for pleasure done up to 5 metre depth after sufficient theoric explanation within diving security rules.
            Different kinds of diving is possible according to the possessed certificate level and the standarts of the system (like trough, night, wreck, deep, cave, current diving).
            You can easily get the diploma and the certificate by taking theoric lessons and doing practical sea exercise that are necessary for the upper level.
            In these courses, you choose 5 diving kinds. And these courses include theoric lessons, five specialty diving education.




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